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Best Wholesale Depot Award

The Asian Trader Best Wholesale Depot Award rewards the wholesale depot which best meets the needs of its customers. Operating in a highly competitive market, wholesalers have to work hard and with passion to increase their turnover and customer base.

Depot Details

What is the main type of business of the depot? (please tick 1 out of the 3 options below)


Turnover for the last three years? (please provide turnover figures of each below)


Product availability in: (please provide percentage figures of the availability of each below)


How many customers do you have?

What is the share of turnover? i.e. retail vs catering/foodservice

Merchandising and Sales Initiatives

Do you have a tobacco room within the depot ? If yes, is it managed and supported by a tobacco manufacturer? - Which one?

What forms of POS material do you use within the depot to raise product awareness across all categories -i.e. stand alone units, shelf wobblers, floor stickers etc?

Are there any other initiatives currently in use to increase depot sales and product availability?

Do manufacturers hold any special events at your depot? If so please give an example.

Retail Clubs

Do you operate a retail club? If yes, how many members?

Do you hold meetings for your members? If yes, how frequently do you hold meetings ?

Do you hold 'member only' days and special events ? If yes, please state what you do:

What forms of communication do you use to update your members - i.e. newsletters, emails, website etc?

What are the main member benefits of signing up to your retail club?

Regulation and Information

How do you inform your customers of updates to regulation and legislation in specific sectors i.e. tobacco, alcohol, food etc? Please state initiatives below (e.g. in-store, at POS, mailouts, via website, texts).

Training and Development

How do you ensure that your staff are trained and knowledgeable in the categories that they are working in?

Have you ever used manufacturers to support training initiatives? If so, please give details.

In your opinion, which supplier has contributed most to you and your customers business over the past year?

I confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.

To reserve a seat or a table at the Asian Trader Awards or for any further information about the Awards please contact Daksha Ganatra, Event Manager, on 020 7654 7743 or daksha.ganatra@amg.biz